How Fasting from Social Media Saved My Business

We all know that social media is the epicenter of businesses big and small. Most of the time if you miss a post or are not scrolling endlessly as a business you can feel like you are missing money, clients and much needed exposure. Why then did I decide to take a social media fast for 21 days in the beginning of the year? I did it to save my business!

Fasting is defined as “the willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink, both, other meaningful act for a period of time.” To say that logging off social media as a business owner is a sacrifice would be very accurate. It takes time to curate a page that is consistent with your company and its intended followers, to get the posting times just right and to engage with followers and page visitors.

Social media is a loaded environment with so many moving parts, people, places and things vying for your attention and time. I do not have much of either unfortunately, and I decided to give the first part of my year’s allotment to bring myself the peace and energy needed to sustain me through 2019.  From January 7th-27th, I did not post, scroll or think about my @bloomsinspred Instagram, Twitter or FB pages. I focused on my family and more quiet time with my Creator. By eliminating the distraction of other people and their business, the pressure of getting “likes” and monitoring post engagement I gave myself a clear start to what I want for my business and clients to Bloom to Flourish this year.  

The fast enabled me to set my own standards of growth without the pressure of comparing and having to share every step of the way. By eliminating my distractions, I was able to elevate my determination to continue! Being an entrepreneur has many challenges and it is important to remember the ‘WHY’ you started in the first place. The fast allowed me to get back in touch with my WHY and curate for the future.

Did I miss it? Nope, not at all, honestly the fasting from wine (another blog post) was harder. There is so much peace when you remember that you are running a race and competing against yourself.  Many business owners want you to feel like they do not struggle with comparison, burn out or time management issues. I believe in the authenticity of Bloom to Flourish and Blooms PR and Events and therefore have no problem sharing that it is hard sometimes.  I used the 21 days to plant seeds of development personally more than any planning for Blooms. I spent more time pouring into myself spiritually then planning and curating for social media. This is what saved Blooms to Flourish and Blooms PR and Events for another year of wins and inspiration sharing!

I encourage you to try to sacrifice something that is important to you- be it food or otherwise. To give up a little and see that you end up gaining a lot.

Happy New Year Bloomers,