What is Your LOVE Color?!

Love is in the Air- It is the exiting of spring and the rebirth of summer, which means its wedding season! This time last year I was blessed to marry my best friend and love has filled the air for us ever since. Like many Brides before me I pondered, debated and agonized over every detail. I coordinated and planned all aspects that resulted in a day was as wonderful as we had imagined.

It all started with one Question- What was our love color? Color is so important because it helps put a feeling behind your vision for your big day. When you think Beach wedding it should evoke thoughts of Blue, Turquoise, Coral and Sand right? A deep Purple may not really set the tone for beach nuptials. A Manhattan Soiree themed wedding can be cool jewel tones, Jade, Platinum and Lucite they set the tone to a modern and hip ceremony in a swank Manhattan club.  We choose Purple and Platinum as our Love Colors and it set the mood for an evening of elegant romance. Here is a list of this year’s top 5 Love Colors, as you will see they appeal to the many different sides of the soon to be brides:

PURPLE/ AUBERGINE- the Color of Royalty-Purple according to some color psychologists is a selfless color. It’s compassionate, charismatic and alluring. It is found in so many elements that can be used as a dominate or an accent color.

PINK/ROSE- The color of Love- Pink evokes feelings of unconditional love and understanding. Choosing Pink as your wedding color sends a message of kindness and softness. It’s a traditional color for nuptials because it speaks the silent language of love.

NAVY BLUE/DARK BLUE- The softer side of black- Navy blue looks great with so many colors. It says conservative yet fun depending on the accent color and it helps set the tone for a more formal affair.

WHITE/IVORY- the color of purity and peace- White can be considered a color of new beginnings, perfect for a wedding as two become one and start their journey together. White is organic and humble versatile as it too can be great as either the dominate or accent color.

LUCITE/ CLEAR- the NEW White- Not to be confused with plastic this see through “non color” is a perfect match with gray, silver or platinum. On the contrast it will work well with a very floral themed wedding as it helps to balance, Lucite is mostly found in the accessories or hardware of weddings such as chairs or place cards. Lucite screams modern without being too trendy.



Lauren Malloy