5 Spring Date Ideas

Weather is breaking, our fingers and toes are thawing out- it is time to reemerge and enjoy the being out again. Here are 5 date ideas that are just in time for spring flings:

Original Grain  Syracuse, NY

This place is self-proclaimed “Cali vibes, New York fresh”. It has a hip-hop vibe (ask about the Hip Hop Brunch) while serving fresh, vibrant healthy food, good for body and soul. You and your honey will enjoy the amazing bowls, smoothies and if you are like me, “Kick-Ass Coffee”. It is great for a date because it is great food fast and not too full to feel up to walking around Armory Square after or getting into something else (wink, wink).

2. Escape Ithaca Ithaca, NY

These escape room experiences are popping up all over the place. They are designed to keep you thinking on your feet and how fun to be trapped with bae while you are figuring out the clues, solve riddles and work together to unravel the mystery at hand. This place is great because it is located in Ithaca, NY, it’s a little drive, so you can have some undivided time together,  and you can add a quant BYOB restaurant (Ithaca has a lot of great ones) before or after your escape experience.

3. Regional Farmers Market Syracuse, NY

With the trend of farm to table, meals and fresh ingredients delivered to your door this date makes a perfect spring fling. Shopping for the food and fresh vegetables is not only fun, but also it creates opportunity for teamwork and communication. Once you walk through the aisles of fresh local produce, you will have an appetite, and be ready to create a delicious meal together!

4. Chiefs Baseball, Syracuse, NY

Not just a summer pastime, baseball season starts in the spring. Minor League baseball is not only fun is affordable. Enjoy the warm air, entertainment at the stadium and a spirited beverage or two. Check the schedule for theme nights and specials such as Dog Days, $1 Thursday’s and Star Wars.

5. Finger Lakes Wine Tour, Finger lakes Region (NY)

What is more romantic than wine, scenic background and bae?  Not much.  The Finger Lakes region offers a wide range in price and variety of wine and assorted spirits. Taste all you want and buy a few bottles for later. The spring allows for walking around the vineyards or sitting and taking in the beautiful landscape. Wine tasting is also a good double, triple or quads date night activity, and fun for a girls tip too!

Have Fun,


Lauren Malloy