How to Think Like an Event Planner

It is something I hear all the time from friends, “I cannot think like a planner”.  My response is always, everyone can! As much as I love being the planner extraordinaire in the group and believe  there is an art to being an event planner, there are a few rules to follow that can make it possible for everyone to plan or host events.  


Deal out the Details:

Planning is all in the details- no matter how big or small, make sure you write out everything you want to happen during the event. Decide on theme, color scheme, food, beverages, music, favors- write it all out and start to make a list so you are not keeping a running tab in your mind. Check out my Pinterest page for lots of theme ideas and planning organizers.

Budget is Best:

Setting a budget in the beginning is important because it gives you parameters. Each item on your list should have budget. Even if it is free, make sure you allocate a little something toward it in case something happens (thinking as a planner means being prepared).


Do not be ashamed to ask for help. Be it day of set up, help setting up table décor, food prep or just the heavy lifting make sure you get all hands on deck. Asking for help just means that you have another set of eyes that can are making sure your event goes according to plan.

Have Fun:

Budget enough time in your day of set up to change your clothes, put your best lashes on and enjoy yourself. Oh and bring a pair of flats for the cleanup, trust me you need them!





Lauren Malloy