Three Tips to Spring Cleaning your Faith

Traditionally spring is a time where new things sprout and old things are dying off. In nature, this is a natural most of the time, automatic occurrence, in life not so much. We have to be deliberate with our faith and clean out our old thoughts, habits, and grudges.

I too am guilty of allowing old things to stay in my mind and heart for too long, cleaning up spiritually will hold us back from the ability for God to give us new messages for our growth and development. So how do we begin spring-cleaning our faith, I have three tips that have helped me in my journey:

1. Switch Up Your Routine

If you are anything like me- you subscribe to the rule that mornings are for coffee and evenings are for wine. While that is ok, having only coffee and wine, as one of the main sources of sustenance is not ok. Switching up your wake up routine to getting up an hour earlier to have a glass of water, mediate, pray or study your bible allows you to set your day up for success. It builds a set time of clarity and intention- adds to your sustenance. The wine in the evenings may relax you, but it also makes it harder to wake up early in the mornings. If mornings are not your thing, then creating that same quiet time routine in the evenings is great- sans the wine. You will be amazed at how God can operate you in your purpose if you switch up your routine and time with Him.

2. Journal

Write it out! Keeping a prayer journal is a great way to spring clean your faith because it allows us to keep track of our prayers; i.e. keep a record of what we were praying about and if we have been obedient, any changes that have occurred, prayers answered, etc. It helps us gather our thoughts and give our full attention to God. I know for myself, I have so many thoughts in my head that sometimes I am also thinning about my grocery list when I am in prayer (yes, I am ashamed) but writing it out keeps the focus and it’s a running records to help hold us accountable with consistency.

3. Volunteer

Almost too corny to work, right? It is true that helping those that are less fortunate reminds us of all we have. According to an article in the Huffington Post “feel-good hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine may be released when a person sees a direct positive result from their good deeds. The act of being of service and exchanging positive energy with another human is a psychological and emotional win-win.” To renew, rejuvenate and release positivity and peace we need to give and be of service to others. The great thing about volunteering is you can find a way to give back that fits into your purpose- there are so many ways to volunteer and be a blessing.

This month as we patiently wait on spring, we can spend the time cleaning out our hearts and faith walk to make room for the things God has for us in the new season.

Stay Faithful Sis,


Lauren Malloy